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BOFAS-IFAS Course 2023

Successfully conducted BOFAS 40th Principles of Foot & Ankle course and 1st BOFAS Advanced Foot & Ankle course at Bangalore

Day Wise Program

Snippets of the meeting:

Dr Rajesh Simon - IFAS President -
“It was loads of learning for all the delegates and us as faculty. The Comradaire was superb.”

Dr Venu -
“Amazing organisation from BOFAS and IFAS friends! The course went extremely well and I think the delegates really appreciated the efforts by the faculty. I really enjoyed my participation! Thank you all!”

Dr Ajoy SM - Course Director - BOFAS -
“The BOFAS IFAS course this year, being conducted in Bangalore for the third time in succession was an excellent teaching learning experience for all. The 4th day of Advanced course in line with this year's Presidential theme of saving the Charcot foot was well received by all. Team BMCRI and RALC gave it more than 💯 percent to make it one of the best courses for years to come”