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We are a society of orthopaedic surgeons who have a special interest in surgery of the foot and ankle.
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35th Annual National Conference of The Indian Foot & Ankle Society

In association with Vidarbha Orthopaedic Society, Nagpur

25th, 26th & 27th August 2023

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Dr. Rajesh Simon 1

President's Message

Dear Seniors and Colleagues,


I would like to start with a deep sense of gratitude for having bestowed me, your faith and unanimously electing me to lead Indian Foot and Ankle Society for the year 2022-2023. It is indeed and honour and privilege. I feel humbled to see my name among the big stalwarts who have been my predecessors and led this prestigious organization.

Today Foot and Ankle is a proudly growing baby amongst the various subspecialities in Orthopaedics in India. We can steadily see the growing interest of youngsters in this speciality. I am privileged to have a young team to take Foot and Ankle in India to another level. As a team leader, my goal is to work tirelessly and to further develop foot and ankle subspeciality and at the same time develop world class academics along with patient care Pan India. I am fortunate to have an able Secretary in Dr Inderjeet Singh along with a vibrant set of executives who already have drawn their plan for the various academic and scientific programs through the year. Amongst the need of various fellowship programs we hope to create various fellowships in both eastern and western sectors along with inland fellowships soon.

The plan of action includes having a common IFAS score and IFAS case sheet helping everyone to have a common recording of the file. India being a diabetic capital of the world, we are now exposed to the plethora of problems due to underdiagnosed Charcot foot. The main aim today is to diagnose and save the Charcot foot from amputation. Seeing the stupendous amount of patients being missed due to lack of diagnosis, and mis management, I decided to take my Theme of the Year as DIAGNOSE AND SAVE CHARCOT FOOT FROM CATASTROPHE. This along with a white paper of management of Charcot foot in India is the goal for this year.

This year we have planned various academic extravaganza starting from BOFAS-IFAS course, fellowship programs in various parts of India, Indo Asian Foot and Ankle Congress along with the other regular meetings. Indian foot and ankle was registered on November 2nd and hence from this year onwards, we are planning to celebrate the IFAS day on Nov 2nd and IFAS week on 1st week of November. Various programs have been planned across India.

This mammoth task is not what a person or a small team can do but needs involvement of all our young and senior colleagues. TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE AND TAKE IFAS TO GREATER HEIGHTS


Dr. Rajesh Simon

Secretary's Message

Dear Senior members and friends,

Firstly, I would like to thank each one of you for indicating faith in me as the Secretary of IFAS. I feel this is a great privilege, and a huge honour for me to get an opportunity to serve our society. This also brings in great responsibility. I on behalf of our President and the entire EC, assure you that we would try our best to live up to the expectations of all the IFAS members.

IFAS has evolved into a very dynamic society and this evolution has also raised the expectations, we have seen that in the active and record participation in the last IFAS elections. This showcases the strength of our society.

Recently concluded IFASCON 2022 was a huge success with a good number of registrations and abstract submissions. The scientific program was very well laid out and it received appreciation from India and abroad. The quality of scientific work showcased in the conference showed our core strength in research.
After having been associated with IFAS for a decade, I can say that the quality of research being done now is of global standards. The best part about this development is that, this is not confined only to a few centers, but is being carried out by passionate researchers spread all over the country. Collaborative research is the way forward and this term shall be the era of starting that. The work done by the collaborative research groups is going to stimulate many more to get involved so that we can find answers to questions unique to us. With many young, bright and aspiring students showing keen interest in our specialty, as highlighted by the number of members being added to IFAS, I can see this happening soon.

The IFAS website shall now have something for everyone like physician’s, patients and IFAS fellows.

For all round inclusive development of any society, it is important to get constant feedback from the stakeholders. I would look forward to your active participation and please send me your suggestions, comments and critique at

With warm regards,
Dr. Inderjit Singh
IFAS Hon. Secretary

Dr. Inderjit Singh 1

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