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India’s First H3 Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) procedure performed

In a first, Dr Pradeep Moonot performed India's first and the largest series of H3 Total Ankle Replacement surgery recently. This was the first time in India that any orthopaedic surgeon has performed the H3 total ankle replacement and has successfully performed it in atleast 7 patients within 6 months of doing the first surgery.

The first three patients were operated by Dr Pradeep Moonot and Prof Hintermann from Switzerland, who is also the inventor of the H3 ankle replacement implants. All these patients had chronic ankle arthritis, were suffering from severe debilitating pain and had difficulty in walking, even for 50 meters. Post operatively these patients are now pain-free without any difficulty in walking and are leading a better quality of life.

Within the next six months, four more patients successfully underwent the procedure at Breach Candy Hospital and Sir H N Reliance Hospital, making this the largest series of TAR in India.

We as a team at HN Reliance Foundation are happy to be tagged as the first in India to successfully perform H3 Total Ankle Arthroplasty procedure. Many such patients with chronic osteoarthritis (ankle) had been suffering from debilitating pain and on medication and physiotherapy for years. This is a pathbreaking procedure for such patients and the good news is that the results are completely promising and all the 7 patients who have undergone the procedure are very happy and satisfied. In comparison to conventional procedures in use until now, like fusion that restrict ankle movement and walking, Total Ankle Replacement helps to preserve the functional range of motion which was otherwise sacrificed.

The latest and advanced H3 Total Ankle Replacement implants provide significant improvement in pain and function, has high quality evidence in terms of range of motion, and has a longer survivorship of over 10 years(this procedure of ankle replacement have been available in the western world for the last 15 years and just now it is available in India)

This procedure is highly beneficial for those afflicted with ankle arthritis, having chronic complications of joint swelling, joint pain or difficulty walking, and is recommended for those who are not relieved of the symptoms with any other treatment modalities. This procedure reduces ankle pain, increases joint stability and improves the overall mobility. While many people have a notion that such replaced implants need a revision surgery, but these implants have a longer survivorship and gets attached to the bone and makes you feel like natural joints itself.